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We repair their wheelchairs

With this project we arranged seven wheelchairs for disabled children and made individual work tables for each of them.

AMS is an NGO dedicated to the care of young disabled people in Diriamba. Isabel and Esther do most of the work with a Herculean vocation of helping others. Their budget is as small as the organization, which is why we like to help them so much. Here is their website.

In most cases, young people in AMS have a mental disability combined with physical handicaps, so wheelchairs must be adapted to the needs of each individual. Each chair had a different defect, some had a wheel blocked by the armrest, others had lost a foot, they also came with defective cushions, broken carpets, anchors or brakes that did not work.

When we started working with AMS, we explained our transparency and documentation requirements for each incoming and outgoing money. Well, Isabel and Esther have more than fulfilled our conditions by sending us all contracts, invoices and proof of expenses for this project.

Here is a video thanking the project’s beneficiaries and One Two Tree donors (the organization has given its permission for this video to be published):