International mother language day

Today, February 21, is the international mother language day. This day of commemoration created by UNESCO is now in its 20th year and commemorates the importance of all languages and the need to preserve them. In One, two… tree! we know the importance of all languages and it is a pillar of our work. READ MORE

A new year in Mexico starts!

After six months of teaching at the Melchor Ocampo School and at the Dr. Manuel Gamio Social Integration Center in Zinacantán, we began our first full year in Mexico with great enthusiasm.


Gracias Gary

Five years ago, we received a volunteer application that was rather unusual. Instead of someone who came fresh from university, Gary had worked in consultancy for over 25 years. While he could be enjoying his retirement, he was coming to One Two… Tree! to work as a volunteer for children education in a far-away country.


One, Two... Tree! Summer camp 2019

One, Two… Tree! Summer Camp Zinacantán 2019

After our first months of class in Zinacantán we were talking to some children and parents to find out how the summers are here, and it turns out that, especially the parents, said that the children had too much free time and that sometimes they didn’t know what to do with them. Every parent is familiar with this story, right?


Escuela Melchor Ocampo, Zinacantan

One, Two… Tree! is already in Mexico

We are happy to announce: One, Two… Tree! has started giving classes in Zinacatán, Chiapas!

We have been giving English classes to more than 700 children from 1st to 6th Year of the public elementary school Melchor Ocampo and in a centre of social integration Dr. Manuel Gamio since the beginning of February 2019.READ MORE

My volunteering in Guatemala

After almost a year of volunteering in Africa, I decided to return to more Latin lands, rich in culture and full of history. Yes, to return to those lands saturated with sunshine, dotted with a thousand colours, with picturesque and unusual landscapes, to resume the warm and fraternal tradition of welcoming its people.

Gracias Marta

Right now Marta is flying to Spain after being the longest coordinator we’ve had at One Two… Tree! She was also the coordinator who had it the hardest from the beginning.

My experience teaching English to adults in Nicaragua


Ever since I arrived in Diriamba Nicaragua I have met many young adults that spoke English at varying levels who wanted to practice speaking English to improve their pronunciation, listening skills, and fluency.Strangers would approach me while walking along the streets and talk to me in English in order to practiceREAD MORE