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Corporate social responsibility

CSR is gaining importance and we are ready to partner with your company to implement social responsibility in your business.

One, two…tree! is a responsible and secure non-profit organization committed to education in Central America. Whether your company has already implemented socially responsible programs or whether you want to introduce them for the first time, you can trust on us to develop your CSR program and show your social commitment to employees, partners and clients.

Manuel Pestana has 35 years of experience in the highest management of a large multinational company and will discuss with you the particular needs of your company. Contact Manuel.

These are only some suggestions where you can benefit from our work:


We have a list of tailored projects for different budgets where your company can simply choose the action that most fits your philosophy. Founding one of our campaigns (scholarships, education material, volunteer work or others) allows you to be directly involved in a cause chosen by your company and give publicity of this particular change on the life of others.

Free services and products:

Whether you are in the consulting or manufacturing business, pro-bono services or free products are always a wonderful and very helpful way of supporting us. These are some of the areas where we are welcome to receive corporate help: accounting and tax compliance in Spain; marketing; merchandising; administrative support, educational material and others. We also want to hear your own suggestions.

Social Image:

Contributions of any kind will be directly reflected on your corporate image. We are available to participate in your events, certify your help and explain the impact that your support is having in the children of Guatemala and Mexico.

Volunteer program for employees:

As our partner, you can enhance your social commitment internally by offering volunteer opportunities to your staff. We will manage applications, arrival and departure and accommodation. Plane tickets are arranged and afforded by employees.

Tailored cooperation:

We understand that each company has individual preferences and needs, therefore, we want to hear from you and agree to what extent you want to bring your cooperation with One, two… Tree!

 Please contact Manuel here for any CSR cooperation.