We provide free English classes to children in Diriamba, a small town in Nicaragua. Classes are given in eight public schools based on the agreement signed with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education. At APAN, our local partner, adult English classes are also offered once a week.

With full occupation of our volunteer positions, we are able to reach as much as 200 children in public schools of Diriamba and AMS. English classes for adults run for groups of no more than 15 persons.

All teachers are volunteering. There is always one long-term volunteer in Diriamba coordinating the project. Our English teaching methods are adapted to each group level and age, with an emphasis on continuous improvement and no gaps between volunteers.

Check the Memorandum for more information about the work we do, including tasks, approach, info for volunteers, etc.

Memorandum Nicaragua


In Guatemala, we teach English to children in public schools of Santiago Atitlán. We have an agreement with the Ministry of Education to provide children in primary school with a basic level of English. If you want to volunteer with us, read more about the project and apply here

Volunteer in GuatemalaTourism is growing rapidly in Central America and Santiago is surrounded by several touristic villages. Our students are mostly indigenous, hence their level of Spanish is not high and their access to the job market is difficult. By teaching them English, we help these children getting a job in the near future. Read more about the reasons for our work in our section ´Vision´.

Volunteers receive instructions and academics materials upon their arrival. These materials are standard throughout our organization and they follow the ESL international levels.  All this work is organized and managed on-the-ground by our Volunteer Coordinator. She organizes the arrival, accommodation and teaching schedule of our volunteers in Guatemala.

With full capacity of our volunteer positions, we reach 500 students in Santiago Atitlán.

Volunteer in GuatemalaRead more about the project, volunteer life, location and more interesting information in our Memorandum of Guatemala.  

Memorandum Guatemala 


Campaigns are micro fund raising projects for donors to be directly involved with the person or area they are promoting. Campaigns are an example of our commitment with transparency and direct involvement of our donors. You choose your project and you fund it, no money is leaked on the process.

In order to support the infrastructure of the non-profit help in Central America, as well as to boost certain persons careers or projects for economic development, we select a number of campaigns among our ongoing projects. Check the list now and make you’re your little move to change the world!

These are the current open campaigns:

Replace and fix wheelchairs: ´Nosotros también podemos´ is a small charity working on education and care of disabled persons in Nicaragua. Mentally and physically disabled people get the chance of receiving some income with a small job organized by this charity. This gives them independence and helps integrating them into society.

With this campaign, we intend to fix six wheelchairs and buy a new one for physically disabled students. We will also support their transport, health and get them their own working tables. You can find all details of the project in this memo

Price: 802 Euros
Minimum time: Not applicable (one-off payment)
Total: 802 Euros (1,083 USD)

Long-term volunteer: By paying the accommodation and food of a long term volunteer you can have someone working full time for a minimum of six months in one of our social projects. Paying their accommodation allows us to get the best English teachers that are looking for volunteer positions and thus avoid gaps or quality issues. Your payment will include three meals per day, private room and shower with (more or less) hot water.

Price: 140 Euros per month (minimum of six months).
Total: 840 Euros

Scholarships: We select a number of scholarships for primary education. These scholarships are managed by our local partner in Guatemala under their scholarships program. The monthly donation covers most of educational expenses of one child. This includes lesson materials, books, pens, pencils, notebooks, a morning snack, and part of this child’s teachers’ wages and part of all general expenses made by the school for this particular student for one year.

As donor, you will receive recurrent information about the children you are supporting. You will receive a picture and some personal information about the child, regular updates on her studies including grades twice a year, messages for Christmas and a reminder on his/her birthday.

Price: 35 Euros per month
Minimum time: 12 months (longer periods recommended)
Total: 420 Euros

All details on the campaigns, including how to pay, breakdown of costs and tax deductions are included in our Memorandum of Campaigns.

Memorandum of Campaigns