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Transparency is one of our pillars. We included this value in our Articles of Association and we are strongly committed to it.

In this section, we publish our Balance Sheet and our Profit and Loss account with all details on expenses and income resources. The below books correspond to the 2017 financial year. Both documents are in Spanish as per local statutory requirements.

One of our founding principles is that 100% of donations reach Nicaragua and Guatemala. Donors do not pay for salaries, administrative costs or expenses in Spain. These expenses are paid by the Board of Directors of One, two… tree!  You can check account number 723.0.0005 in the Profit and Loss account to confirm the latest Board´s donation to cover Spanish costs. In other words, every Euro donated to One Two Tree is fully and entirely dedicated to help children in Central America.

We believe volunteers and contributors should know where their effort and money goes at any time. We encourage you to challenge our work and ask as many questions as you want sending us an email.