Who we are

One, two…tree! is a non-profit organization working on education in Latin America. We introduce English classes for underprivileged children in local non-profits and public schools  and also organize funding campaigns to promote specific educational projects.

The idea is simple

We cooperate with local organizations to use their premises and introduce free English classes with volunteer work. This allows us to get involved in the local educational system to reach a large number of kids  at the lowest costs.


Why are we different?

We are not a standard non-profit. Volunteering with One, Two… Tree! is FREE, our volunteers only pay for their own expenses.

Transparency is a must

We believe donors should know where their money goes. Donations are therefore made for specific projects, there is no common pot where you lose track of your money.
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We are cost effective

All we want is to give more help, so the less it costs, the more we give. We are international, with people from all over the world working together. Finally, we are young and active!

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Why education?

We believe in education as a long-term investment to tackle poverty. Education creates an infrastructure for future economic development that will, one day, pay back these efforts to the communities where these children grew up..

Why English?

Speaking English in Central America is a valuable plus for any starting career. The average level of the language is low and tourism is an increasing industry with huge potential both in Guatemala and Mexico, and teaching English is a job that no one else but One, Two… Tree! can do in these villages: There are no English teachers accessible to poor children in these countries.


One, Two.. Tree! finds local and non-profits organizations to introduce free English classes with volunteer work.

These local partners are schools and small organizations involved in educational projects.

One, Two…tree! supplies volunteers, materials and resources for the development of English classes.

Local partners provide classrooms facilities, students and help us to integrate their educational system.

We don´t pay a rent for using their premises, and they don´t pay a fee for getting English courses.

Thanks to this simple structure, we are able to reach a large number of kids with little money.

Our team

Gary Carson

Academic Director in Latin America

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He does a great job looking after all our projects and handling our relations with public institutions. Gary started as a regular volunteer, soon he fell in love with Nicaragua and extended his stay until becoming a permanent member of our family. Basically, we want One Two Tree to look like Gary, that´s why we´re so happy to have him.

Pedro Pestana

Founder and Manager. The Boss

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With over ten years of experience volunteering, Pedro decided to found this small project back in 2012 after an inspiring trip to Nicaragua. Hard worker and with a kind word in his face, he commands both teams from our head quarters office in Vigo, Spain.

Manuel Pestana

Retired and Grumpy leader

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He is old and retired, but he keeps us all up with his team spirit. Manuel takes care of the accounting, treasury and CSR projects. He worked as a CFO in a family company and as a manager for a large multinational company. He will also help us on his favorite subject: human capital.

Gergana Krasteva

Volunteer Coordinator in Guatemala

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Since January 2018, she has been in charge of helping the volunteers in their home stays and communicating with the schools of Santiago Atitlán.  Her spirit and energy is unending…and her smile says it all! She is convinced that One, two … tree! teaches much more than English, but values in equality, respect and a fighting spirit for a better world!

Antonio Sanjurjo

Volunteer Coordinator in Mexico

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He is the newest member of the team. After working as a journalist and in marketing for almost ten years, he decided to that dedicating his time to educate young children was more worthy than seating behind a computer. First in Cambodia and now in Mexico, he believes that education is the only thing that will save the world and that’s why he tries to transmit.

Borja Pedrosa and Carmen Gonzalez made us cool. They help us with the logo and marketing stuff. José Luis Berrocal is the responsible of our website and our IT solutions man. Thanks to him, you didn’t get this text on a carrier pigeon. Finally, our name and brand comes from Ana Fontan, she is a walking brain-storm.

We also get direct help from companies who support us through their services or products. Dinahosting provides free hosting services and Uría Menéndez assist us with all legal related matters. Rotulowcost produces signs and posters with our logos for free and Serigrafia Gallega takes care of all the printing stuff at almost no cost.

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