Why volunteering?

Volunteering is based on giving. Your time, your skills, your efforts, your knowledge of a language, these are all put together to help someone who needs it. It is, however, very rare that volunteers do not feel like they have received more than they gave. Volunteering is a mutually rewarding experience. You will end up more independent, wiser and stronger to face situations like public speaking or tough negotiations. Many employers value international volunteer experiences. You are looking at the big picture, acting locally to help globally.

At One, two… Tree! we receive volunteers on a continuous basis. You can either help us in Guatemala or Mexico. If you have more than six months available to work with us, you may look at our long-term opportunities (compensation available). You can also give us a hand from your home town.

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Volunteers in Guatemala teach the basics of English to children between 6 and 12 years old. Lessons are taught in public schools of Santiago Atitlán. The average workload is 16 hours per week (you should add some preparation time for each lesson). Accommodation is provided by local families. One, Two…Tree! does not charge any fee, all your costs are paid directly to the host family.

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Free volunteering in:



Since February 2019 we are also present in Zinacantan, Chiapas, where we teach English in Melchor Ocampo’s primary school and in Dr. Manuel Gamio’s Centre for Social Integration to more than 800 kids.

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Long-term volunteer (Compensation)

Volunteers staying for more than 6 months in Guatemala or Mexico may apply for the Volunteer Coordinator position, which includes free accommodation and food. Staying 6 months does not automatically grant free accommodation, there is a screening and selection process and only a few positions are available.

You will coordinate the local project together with Pedro, the Director of One, two…tree! At the moment, only two coordinator positions are available, this means that only a limited number of applications for these positions can be accepted. However, regular volunteering is very affordable and we give priority to longer stays. If you are interested, please contact us to check out the open opportunities.

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Give a hand!

We are volunteers supported by volunteers! Your work is always welcome no matter where you are, who you are or how can you help.

These are some areas where we need a hand from someone who can give it, look at the last one, it may be your call!

  • Donate: As there are no management or administrative costs in One, two…tree! your donation goes directly into the life of those for which we are working. Click here to donate!
  • Design: Do you like our website? Are you able to improve it? Give us a hand!
  • Programming: This webpage is made with Joomla thanks to Jose Luis´ help. Give us a hand with as little time as you can give, there is always room for improvement!
  • Administration: If you are a Spanish accountant, lawyer or you have any experience on internal companies or foundations compliance (annual accounts, tax returns, etc) this is where you can help the children that benefit from our projects. We desperately need someone to give us a hand with these tasks.
  • Organize events: If parties and events are your best skills, then you can help us fundraising and showing our projects to the world. We´ll support you with resources and marketing materials for your fundraising events. Send us your idea!!
  • T-shirts: We are looking for someone who can help us getting T-shirts and have them printed with our logo. Considering this is a small NGO who can only pay small prices.
  • Marketing material: Flags, banners, stickers… we need a printing company who can give a hand with this. Please refer to us any person you think may want to help us.
  • Your project: If you have your own idea to change things and help turning this world into a better place, we want to hear from you. You may use our structure and our support to develop your dream.
What do we offer in exchange?

If you are a company, we can add your logo and link to our donors´ banner. For persons, we are happy to sign recommendation letters and refer to you in Linkedin or others.

All suggestions for cooperation should send us an email to including your contact details, an explanation on how can you give a hand, how much time can you spend on the project and details on each of the options above.

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