#Interview Series: Leire

Hello! Welcome to this new interview!

Hello! Thanks for inviting me! It is nice meeting you.

Could you tell us more about your background? Are you studying/working?

I have a degree in Teaching (education), but I finished four years ago. Since then, I have been travelling abroad and now I am back in Spain.

How did you get to know 1,2 Tree?

So, I got a friend who was doing a volunteering experience in Nicaragua. I think it was five years ago, and she already had an experience with this organization, so when I started looking for NGOs offering volunteering experiences, I asked her for a recommendation and so that is how I became a 1,2 Tree volunteer.

How long did you volunteer with the organization?And Where?

I went there last year and I stayed almost two months: I went there at the end of October and I stayed until Christmas. I was in Mexico!

What was your daily life as an educational volunteer?

I worked four days: from  Monday to Thursday. Usually we had from three to four lessons in the morning, in the public school and then we would switch in the boarding school, because there were two schools. We used to go first to the boarding school indeed, stay there with the kins and also do some games.

How many volunteers were in the learning center with you?

We were five or six volunteers and we really had a good team! We used to go to different places and that really created a cool atmosphere to live in.

Which is the best memory you have about your experience there?

Nice question! I would say the day that we painted a tree on the wall: basically we painted a wall and the kids had color hands and it was amazing! Everyone was happy, singing and having fun. I really have a good memory of that day!

Oh wow! That seems very nice. I knew also other volunteers, first Totó told me that same memory.

Would you say that our volunteering work had an impact on the community/kids?

Yes, I really think so and I thought I also learnt a lot from the kids and the local people back there.

Yeah, I can understand. Anyhow, sometimes there are many controversies regarding international volunteering activities, like programs where you need to pay a lot of fees. 123 is one of the few that you can trust for this!

I didn’t pay anything and this is the reason why I decided to start this project with 123. When you have to volunteer you are already ‘paying back’ I think. Of course, we bought some presents for the kids, but I never had to pay a fee. I knew what my money were for (e.g. food and accommodation costs) and my flight which I personally paid. I organized myself to book the ticket to go there.

What would you recommend to future volunteers who want to start this adventure?

I would say that it is an amazing experience! You will never forget it and I think to live the full experience to really understand it. You need to live it in person because there are no words to explain it.

I really recomment volunteering with 1,2 Tree. I really felt welcome when I went there. They explained me everything, so I knew how was the project like. At the start, it’s gonna be hard,  don’t think you’re coming here for holidays and you’re not gonna work! They didn’t try to persuade me or else. So I would say that they are very clear and try to solve any problem. So if you have any doubt they would be happy to explain everything you need. I am really happy by now.



#Interview Series: Teacher Totó


Welcome Everyone to the first of our #InterviewSeries. In this new section, you will get to know Former Volunteers, their stories and past experience in One, Two… Tree! and take inspiration for your Future Volunteer Experience, when hopefully things will get back to normal. Enjoy!

This time we get to know Totó, a former Volunteer-Coordinator who has volunteered with One, Two ..Tree! for more than a year and who is currently working.


First, thank you for very much for making this interview possible! As a fresh start, I would like to ask you a bit more about your background.

I am from Spain, from Vigo. I am Thirty-four and I was Thirty-two when I started working with One, Two… Tree! I’ve studied Journalism and worked in Marketing for many years. Then, back in 2018 I decided to quit that and went to Cambodia to volunteer as well. When I was there, I kind of knew about One, Two … Tree and Pedro; he told me that they were going to open a new project in Mexico. He already knew I wanted to volunteer with One, Two .. Tree and told me that it would have been great if I wanted to start a new project and collaborate with them. So, I decided to leave and start over again, because I didn’t like my job in Marketing, so I went to Zinacantán.

That’s very cool! And how long did you volunteer?

I was two weeks in Guatemala, in Santiago with Gergana and then I was for around a year with One, Two… Tree!

The project actually started in Nicaragua, that was the first project and then it was April 2018 when a revolution started against the Government and at that point we were kindly asked to leave. Basically, right now Guatemala is the biggest one and Mexico is restarting again.

What was your daily life as a volunteer?

School starts at Nine or Ten, until Three o’clock. Each volunteer has one or two grades that they teach at. They go to the schools for three hours and then go to another school, which is a boarding school but not the kind of boarding schools we are used. These are proper schools made for kids from families who have poor resources, therefore they pay almost nothing and had numerous kids from 6 to 12/13 who live in a school by themselves. They have dorms, make their beds etc.

And we would teach them another couple of hours and that is basically the beginning. Then we decided those kids from the boarding schools needed more support so we decided to go every afternoon. But it wasn’t always about English classes, it was more about being with them, play some games, sometimes. We wanted to make those kids loved. It is hard to say but sometimes kids just need a hug and just need to know that they can be loved. Therefore, sometimes, we just had fun with them and that was the nicest thing we did during the second part of the year. At the end, we were also a big group of volunteers, around eight.

What I used to say to the volunteers was try to take your mind out of everything you know and just enjoy it. If you want to do “this” with the kids, just do it. Just be respectful and kids are going to love it!

That’s also very rewarding on the human aspect.

I know that for me the important part was to enjoy what I was doing. If they liked an activity, I would repeat it until they stopped liking it.

Which was the best memory that you bring with you?

Well, there are many. But I guess at the end of the year, when we were going to play with the kids in the afternoon, we had very close bonds with them and by the end of the term, we ended up painting the wall with the One, Two Tree Logo. And also, on that wall we painted six trees. Those were really good days! But I might say that the best memory I had was during the last days when I had to leave, I was really sad to finish. Because, you know, when you start to connect, and all the volunteers are cool with each other. We all had good ideas. So yes, the last couple of weeks were the best, and also the summer camp that we made which was a lot of work, 4 weeks and 60 kids and our duty on the school. Everything went very good and the kids enjoyed it a lot!

Would you say your contribution had a social impact on the community?

Well, I believe the kids understood the meaning of learning English. For the development of the community and learnt how to interact and bond with people from Abroad. “To break the walls”: that was one of the most relevant things.

I think the biggest impact was the kids learning and be able to make such connection which is really cool. They still don’t realize how important it is for their lives, to know that people from abroad don’t’ come to take advantage of you.

How is the Covid-19 impacting the Project at the moment?

I can speak for the Mexican Project. Schools are still closed, so even if we had volunteers, they would not be able to do anything. So I guess that is one thing that affects us, because they do not have this ‘continuous’ of volunteers. We really hope to restore the project as soon as there will be the safety conditions to do it!

As a last thing, what would you recommend to Future Volunteers who are willing to start this new Adventure?

Do it! Don’t think about it Twice. You won’r regret it. Just Enjoy the Experience! Time literally flies, so try to get the most of it from the very beginning. Especially if you go there for a month. It is really something you will remember and it is one of the best «job» to do.


It is always inspiring to listen to past Volunteers Experiences. Totó has certainly made a life experience that will always remember. And with him, also all the kids he had the chance to teach to. We sincerely hope to restore the projects as soon as the Health-Emergency will be over.

Thanks again to Totó for his time and we Wish the best of luck to him with his new Projects and Work in Central America!


Aviso importante


Debido a los últimos eventos nos vemos en la necesidad de comunicarles algunos cambios que se tomarán por parte de la ONG y los países en los cuales desarrollamos nuestro trabajo, con el fin de garantizar la seguridad de todos nuestros voluntarios y estudiantes.Seguir Leyendo

Los sueños de nuestras niñas

Tengo la suerte de haber encontrado algunas de mis pasiones, otras todavía las estoy buscando. Pero las que llegaron tocando a mi puerta y pude recibir son escribir y enseñar. Soy maestra en la enseñanza pública rural de Guatemala, la mayor fortuna que puede tener una mujer que soñaba con enseñar y educar, en un sistema educativo en el que siempre fue la peor alumna.

Me doy cuenta en estas clases, tan divertidas y reveladoras, de las muchas realidades que existen y por ello me parece esencial conocer mejor mis alumnos y alumnas. A través de los juegos, los ejercicios, diálogos y no menos importante una atención constante a su contexto socio-cultural, elaboro las herramientas de las clases.Seguir Leyendo

Día internacional de la lengua materna

Hoy, 21 de febrero, se celebra el día internacional de la lengua materna. Este día de conmemoración creado por la UNESCO está ya es su vigésima edición y conmemora la importancia de todas las lenguas y la necesidad de preservarlas. En One, two… tree! conocemos la importancia de todos los idiomas y es un pilar de nuestro trabajo. Seguir Leyendo

Día de la educación 2020

Bajo el lema elegido para 2020 “aprendizaje para los pueblos, el planeta, la prosperidad y la paz”, recordamos hoy el papel de la educación como derecho humano fundamental, cuya falta afectaría significativamente la ejecución del resto de derechos reconocidos por la asamblea de la ONU. Asimismo, sabemos que la educación es nuestra única herramienta para la construcción de un mundo más equitativo, inclusivo y sostenible.Seguir Leyendo

Primeros días en Diriamba

Bueno, finalmente las cosas empiezan a estabilizarse aquí en Nicaragua.  Desde que llegué a finales de enero, he estado corriendo por la ciudad reuniéndome con todas las escuelas públicas y todas nuestras familias anfitrionas, así como compilando un plan de estudios para mis nuevos estudiantes de inglés.
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Gracias Gary

Hace cinco años, recibimos una solicitud de voluntariado que era bastante inusual. En lugar de alguien recién salido de la universidad, Gary había trabajado en el sector de la consultoría durante más de 25 años. Mientras podía estar disfrutando de su jubilación, venía a One, two… tree! a trabajar como voluntario para la educación de los niños en un país lejano.

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One, Two... Tree! Summer camp 2019

One, Two… Tree! Summer Camp Zinacantán 2019

Tras nuestros primeros meses de clase en Zinacantán estuvimos hablando con algunos niños y padres para saber cómo son los veranos aquí, y resulta que, sobre todo los padres, decían que los niños tenían demasiado tiempo libre y que a veces no sabían qué hacer con ellos (¿A algún padre le suena esta historia?).

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