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— WARNING: There are no long-term volunteer positions until August 2020 —

Long-term volunteering (remuneration)

Volunteers who stay longer than 6 months can apply for the position of Volunteer Coordinator. This position includes food and lodging paid by One, two… tree! A stay of more than six months in Mexico, Guatemala or the Dominican Republic does not guarantee free board and lodging. You must first submit your application, go through two interviews with the NGO officials and, if you are finally selected, you will be able to access this position and its benefits.

These volunteers give English classes and coordinate the project in Mexico, Guatemala or the Dominican Republic with the help of Pedro, the Director of One, two…tree! Places for these types of volunteers are limited because we have to adjust to each year’s budget. However, we are continuously looking for people who will commit themselves for a long period of time.

Helping children while living an international experience for more than six months is exciting because you will be more involved in the projects, with more interesting roles and more responsibility. Your work will be especially useful and therefore more rewarding. And best of all, you will be part of this family!

Long-term volunteers are important to us. We reserve for you the most comfortable houses and we are in direct contact, solving any issue as soon as possible. We offer private Spanish classes with special discounts


If you are a volunteer and stay more than six months, you will have free accommodation, including three meals a day, a single room, hot water and internet access. We will also provide you with free transport from (and to) the airport.

We offer letters of recommendation, certificate of stay as a volunteer or recommendations on Linkedin. We will be happy to cooperate with your university to make this work equivalent to a study placement (required at some universities). You can contact us if you have any other needs that we can help you with.

Job description

The work of the long-term volunteers consists of English classes and project coordination in Zinacantán (Mexico), Santiago Atitlán (Guatemala) or Nagua (Dominican Republic) under the supervision of Pedro, the director of One, two… tree! Read the attached Memorandum under this section for more information.

The perfect candidate

We are looking for outgoing people with enthusiasm and a desire to help. We value experience living abroad and a good level of Spanish. The position is perfect for young people with a bit of an adventurous spirit. Being optimistic and proactive is important to make the most of your stay. You should also have experience coordinating groups and managing different functions in a public or private project.


  • Long-term volunteers must stay for a minimum of six months. Because the number of places is limited, we give priority to those who stay longer or have experience as volunteers.
  • It is not necessary to have a good level of English because the classes are for beginners. We recommend that you have an intermediate level of Spanish or sign up for private Spanish classes while working on the project. Since you will be with us for a long time, you will soon be able to speak Spanish.

Read the Memorandum for more information about long-term volunteering, including details about the villages, job descriptions, teaching methods and much more!

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