Long-term volunteer (compensation)

-- PLEASE READ: The next long-term volunteer position available will be open on July 2017 --

Volunteers staying for more than 6 months in Nicaragua may apply for the Volunteer Coordinator position, which includes free accommodation and food. Staying 6 months does not automatically grant free accommodation, there is a screening and selection process and only a few positions are available.

Long-term volunteers teach English to children from 7 to 15 years old in public schools of Diriamba, a small village south from Managua. You will also coordinate the local project together with Pedro, the Director of One, two…tree! At the moment, only two coordinator positions are operating in Nicaragua, this means that only a limited number of applications for these positions can be accepted. However, regular volunteering is very affordable and we give priority to longer stays. If you are interested, please contact us to check out the open opportunities.  

Longer volunteering is exciting because you will be involved in interesting projects. Your work will be especially useful for the children and thus more rewarding to you. And of course, you will be part of our family.Long-term volunteers are very important for us and we put all our efforts on making their stay a wonderful experience. They get our best housing facilities and we keep direct contact with them and listen to any issue to solve it in real time. Spanish one-to-one lessons are also available with special discounts.  So far, these opportunities are only available in Nicaragua and for a limited number of positions. 


If you stay for more than 6 months, you get free accommodation with three meals per day, hot water and the possibility of internet access in one of our selected host families. Long-term volunteers also get free transport from and to the Managua airport (see below full details).

We also offer recommendation letters, certificates of your volunteer stay or Linkedin recommendations. We are happy to contact your university and arrange this work to be considered as an internship for your studies. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you need something else.

Job description

Your role as long-term volunteer would be focused on English teaching and coordination of the project in Diriamba under the supervision of Pedro, the Director in One, two… tree! Check the below Memorandum for more details.

The perfect candidate

We are looking for outgoing persons with experience living abroad and a good level of Spanish. This position is perfect for young people with some work experience and a bit of an adventure personality. Being optimistic and proactive is essential to make the most out of it. 


  • Long-term volunteers must stay for a minimum of six months at the project. As there is a limited number of positions available. Priority will be given to those staying for a longer time or having experience volunteering.
  • Good level of English is not required (as most English teaching is given to beginners). We recommend having a fair level of Spanish or enrolling into one of our offered one-to-one lessons while you are in the projects. As you will be staying for more than 6 months with us, you will soon get acquainted with the Spanish speaking. In fact, we believe this position is an opportunity for persons willing to improve their Spanish.

Check the Memorandum of our project in Nicaragua to get more info about the location, teaching methods, job description, etc.

To apply, please go this form and enter your details

 Memorandum for the project in Nicaragua