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Sold and awarded to the ladies in red!

These last weeks we have organized events and activities to raise money to finance our projects.

Last Tuesday we organized an auction of men and women (as you hear, we sold bodies to raise funds). The group Impresarios helped us with the organization of this party in which 20 charitable souls were sold to the highest bidder. We had a great time and raised a lot of money for the projects.  We sold 13 men and 7 women, there were more than 150 people at the event and in total we got… 1,422 euros!

Last Thursday, some of us went out on the refrigerated streets of London to beg for money in buckets. We were at underground stations and on the streets with more tourists. We are still waiting for RAG (the foundation that organized it) to finish counting the money each group raised. We are also waiting for some people to pay us for their purchases at the auction.

With the money raised from these events we can pay for the room and board of a long-term volunteer for six months. We are also going to paint the wall of APAN. The total cost of these projects is 1,184 euros.

Read, check, add, subtract and examine all our accounts here. Your money is there!

You can see all the photos in our Facebook group.