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Political crisis in Nicaragua

At this point most of you have already heard about the political crisis in Nicaragua. Since last April, political protests have arisen across the entire country. There over 300 reported deaths, barricades are installed in most cities (including Diriamba) and the lack security and unstable circumstances make it impossible for international volunteers to carry out any work. In the last couple of weeks, protests have been gradually reduced but the aftermath of the crisis has left an ambiguous situation of suspicions and false accusations between neighbors and old enemies.

One Two Tree is an NGO working on education. We will not make any political statement. We only hope that this crisis does not harm (again) the most underprivileged in the country. We would like tourism, economic development and stability to come back to the country so that opportunities reach those who need them most.

At One Two Tree we evacuated all volunteers last 19th of May. We hired private taxi drivers to relocate all volunteers to Costa Rica. Some volunteers then moved to Guatemala to join our project in Santiago Atitlán. The remaining volunteers travelled around South America for a few weeks before returning to their home country. Our project in Guatemala and the fantastic support from Gergana, our volunteer Coordinator, helped us minimizing the consequences of the crisis.

At the moment, European embassies do not recommend travelling to Nicaragua. One Two Tree will not send volunteers until these recommendations change. Our idea was to start the project again early in 2019, however, we can no longer commit to a starting date.

At One Two Tree we are thankful to all those who offered help and showed interest about our project in Nicaragua.