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One, two… tree! t-shirts and stop sleeping alone

When vintage fashion languishes and Zara unifies styles for New Zealanders and teenagers from the Bolivian Altiplano, One, two…tree shirts arrive! These white fabric shaped testosterone magnets are the solution to your problems.

They slim down the plump ones, stylize the short ones, harden the biceps and increase two bra sizes to all those who are not happy with the bust that God has given them.

Described the garments, let’s talk business. The t-shirts have cost us 3 euros each. The company Serigrafía Gallega has given us a discount for the prints, donating almost all the costs (thanks!). They cost 15 Euros each t-shirt + 5 Euros shipping costs (MRW gives a discount for NGOs). With each t-shirt you make a donation of 12 Euros. Remember that you can see your money here.

To buy them online, make a donation of 20 Euros by writing ‘t-shirt’ in the project and send an email to with the size and address where you want to receive it. If you prefer, you can save on shipping and come by the One, two… tree! headquarters at Arquitecto Gomez Román 18 in Canido, Vigo, so you can get to know our new headquarters (you must make an appointment by sending us an email).

P.S.: T-shirts shrink in the washing machine. Aim upwards with the size!

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