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One, Two... Tree! Summer camp 2019

One, Two… Tree! Summer Camp Zinacantán 2019

After our first months of class in Zinacantán we were talking to some children and parents to find out how the summers are here, and it turns out that, especially the parents, said that the children had too much free time and that sometimes they didn’t know what to do with them. Every parent is familiar with this story, right?

One, Two... Tree! Summer camp 2019


At that moment we started to think and decided that it would be a good time to develop an action that was conceived, led and carried out 100% by One, Two.. Tree! So we got down to business and created “One, Two… Tree! Summer Camp Zinacantan 2019” for kids in third through sixth grade.

We opened registration two months before the children finished their classes and asked that if they wanted to come, they had to bring a signed parental authorization and after a month and a half we had more than 150 applications and finally 162 were signed up!

During the four weeks of class we will be giving all the children breakfast every morning and, in addition, we have been able to give them a personalized t-shirt and backpacks, an English book, a notebook and a complete case thanks to a small fundraiser we did (THANK YOU!).

Each day, the children receive two hours of English taught by our volunteers; Spanish and math classes taught by volunteers from Yo’Onik (a small local NGO in Zinacantán); music, painting and various arts classes with Martha, our newest recruit from Costa Rica; and technology and computer classes with Emilio, an engineer from Mexico who comes to spend his vacation with us.

For now we can only tell you this, keep an eye on our Instagram where we are uploading a diary!

Do you want to help us to do more projects like this? Any small donation is world!