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One, Two… Tree! is officially a Development NGO

The One Two Tree Association is registered as a Development NGO (DNGO) with reference number 2777 in the AECID’s DNGO Registry.

An NGO may have two legal forms: Association or Foundation. Foundations automatically have the tax benefits for altruistic activities, but they need an initial capital of 30 thousand Euros. This complicates the issue for small NGOs. Associations, on the other hand, do not have a minimum capital, but have to wait two accounting years of activity to obtain tax benefits for their donors. In any case, registering as a DNGO allows Associations to speed up the process to access tax benefits without waiting two years, it also improves the image and transparency of the organization. DNGOs receive the vast majority of public grants because they have been individually assessed by the Administration.

Only exceptionally does the AECID allow small NGOs to register as DNGOs. In practice they give that qualification to large organizations, but the law does not speak of sizes and we wanted to fight for this registration. We started two years ago with the application, there were resources, lawyers, advice and many hours dedicated to this work. In the end we got it. We are probably one of the smallest organizations in the DNGO Registry. There are only 2,000 registered DNGOs and there are 45,000 associations in Spain, many of them with solidarity purposes. If you discount the DNGO Foundations, we would be within the small 2-3% that has the approval of the AECID, in that group there is a small point with an enormous illusion, that point is us. Here you have the last statistics about Associations published by the Ministry of the Interior.