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Escuela Melchor Ocampo, Zinacantan

One, Two… Tree! is already in Mexico

We are happy to announce: One, Two… Tree! has started giving classes in Zinacatán, Chiapas!

We have been giving English classes to more than 700 children from 1st to 6th Year of the public elementary school Melchor Ocampo and in a centre of social integration Dr. Manuel Gamio since the beginning of February 2019.

Moreover, we are also in touch with a local administration service, so we could not only teach English, but also to work on all possible special needs which children can have. We will start a money collection very soon for improving some installations of Center of Social Integration Permanece atent@!

Zinacantán is a small village which is situated in Los Altos region in Chipas. The majority of its habitants are dedicated to agriculture and traditional chiapanecan hand-crafting, especially to weaving. The language which is spoken the most is a Mayan language called Tzotzil and then Spanish.

The village is 11 km far from San Cristóbal de las Casas – the city which is very touristic and offeres many touristic attractions like the astonishing Sumidero Canyon, Blue Water Waterfall and Misol Há. There are also Mayan ruins Palenque or archaeological findings hidden in a jungle which were decelerated a human patrimony in 1987.

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