Why education?

We believe in education as a long-term investment to tackle poverty. Education creates an infrastructure for future economic development that will, one day, pay back these efforts to the communities where these children grew up.

We are aware of more urgent and dramatic needs in these countries, security and hunger among them, however, we are taking the long term approach to face poverty. We need to specialize ourselves to be effective, therefore we are choosing English teaching.

Why English? 

Speaking English in Central America is a valuable plus for any starting career. The average level of the language is low and tourism is an increasing industry with huge potential both in Guatemala and Nicaragua. Tourism had a continuous double digit growth in the past 10 years and it represents the 9% GDP of the region, providing labor opportunities to thousands of young people with little education. For these children, speaking some English will open one of the few available doors in their country. 

For volunteers, teaching English is a job that no one else can do in these villages. There are no English teachers accessible to poor children in these countries. Their work can not be replaced by local workforce and this makes it specially rewarding.