One, two…tree!

One, two…tree! is a non-profit organization working on education in Central America.  We introduce English classes for underprivileged children in local non-profits and public schools. We also organize funding campaigns to promote specific educational projects. 

The idea is simple. We cooperate with local organizations to use their premises and introduce free English classes with volunteer work. This allows us to reach a large number of kids at the lowest costs.

We are all volunteers. There is no other salary than our love for what we do and the satisfaction for the good work. Also companies and institutions help us at no cost.

Many people help us during the whole process of building this organization, but these are the first-team players:

Gary Carson is our Director in Nicaragua. He does a great job looking after all our projects and handling our relations with public institutions. Gary started as a regular volunteer, soon he fell in love with Nicaragua and extended his stay until becoming a permanent member of our family. Basically, we want One Two Tree to look like Gary, that´s why we´re so happy to have him.

Alicja JaderAlicja  is our Volunteer Coordinator in Guatemala, where she welcomes the volunteers and works with the school directors. She loves to travel and volunteer (she spent last summer with us in Nicaragua), so when this position opened up she couldn't help but apply. 


Diana García was really looking forward to living the volunteering experience for a long time, so after she graduated, she decided to join us as the Coordinator for our project in Nicaragua. Part of her job is organizing arrivals, schedules, accommodation and daily routine of our volunteers. She wanted us to say she loves her students! 


Pedro Pestana da Silva

Pedro Pestana da Silva: With quite some experience volunteering, Pedro is the founder and main coordinator of this little organization.


Manuel Pestana: He is old and retired, but he keeps us all up with his team spirit. Manuel takes care of the accounting, treasury and CSR projects. He worked as a CFO in a family company and as a manager for a large multinational company. He will also help us on his favorite subject: human capital.

Borja Pedrosa and Carmen Gonzalez make us cool. They help us with the logo and marketing stuff. José Luis Berrocal is the responsible of our website and our IT solutions man. Thanks to him, you didn’t get this text on a carrier pigeon. Finally, our name and brand comes from Ana Fontan, she is a walking brain-storm.

We also get direct help from companies who support us through their services or products. Dinahosting provides free hosting services and Uría Menéndez assist us with all legal related matters. Rotulowcost produces signs and posters with our logos for free and Serigrafia Gallega takes care of all the printing stuff at almost no cost. 

If you are a company, join us here.