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One, Two… Tree! calendars

This year we’re selling calendars to cover next year’s expenses.  All thanks to Francesco Caiazza, the photographer and designer of this beautiful project. It’s a small wall calendar with complete photos on each page alternating with the months of the year, so you can frame or hang the photos without the year coming up.

How to buy them?

  • On the Internet: And without moving from home. Just pay 12 Euros through our Paypal account (below), send us an email with your address and open the mailbox a couple of days later. This price includes 2 Euros of shipping costs.  Send the email here.
  • In partner shops or bars: We are contacting several bars and establishments to help us sell the calendars. We will soon include a list of these bars here. Keep an eye on our Facebook page.
  • Through volunteers: A selection of charitable souls will help us sell the calendars in different cities. We will also update this section to give you the details of each one.
  • At the end of the year: The organizers of the New Year’s Eve party at The Concept, in Vigo, have also hooked up with One Two Tree. For the purchase of the ticket and only paying 5 Euros more, you get a calendar. Here you have the event.

And a little bit more about the history of this calendar

When Francesco wrote to us 8 months ago to be photographer for One Two… Tree! we didn’t hesitate. Francesco is a renowned photographer who spent two weeks on our project taking pictures of children, schools and teachers. All the volunteers who were in Nicaragua at the time were lucky enough to have a photo taken by Francesco. Also, our photographer was a great volunteer, everyone in Diriamba still remembers him and asks us when he will be back.

Once the photos were taken, the work began of selection, processing of each photo, design of the calendar and many, many messages between Pedro and Francesco to decide the details of the project. Finally, Francesco found a printer who gave us a good price and the calendars arrived.

For the sale of each calendar we collected 8 Euros as a donation. If you add to that what the bank collaborating with this project contributes, we receive 18 Euros for each calendar! If you ask us, now is the time to help One, Two… Tree!