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One, Two, Tree… Awarded!

In view of the success of the last auction in London, we are going to repeat the party on the banks of the Vigo estuary with the Spanish festive ambiance as a backdrop. It will be on Friday, August 2nd at the Bar Patos. We are organizing it with what we learned in February, adding surprises and improving the plan to make it great.

For newcomers, the party consists of an auction of people. Yeah, you read that right, we’re selling people. Well, characters, because each of the auctioneers is a party in itself. We would buy all of them, they are 10 handsome and 10 beautiful with a lot of party to give. Besides, we are going to raffle some wonderful jewels donated by Lecarré, and as if that wasn’t enough, we will also raffle a dinner for six people in charge of Carmen Albo, from the blog Guisándome la vida. Carmen is a very famous cook in the Galician world, her rice has a fan club that the masterchefs would like. During the whole night we will sell T-shirts, stickers of different sizes and certificates of work in Nicaragua.

This is the plan of attack:

11:00 P.M. – The party starts. Fer welcomes us and Pedro makes a short presentation of One, two…tree!

23:15 – Three groups from Vigo will play two songs each. They have volunteered to play for us for free. They only charge us for the transport. We take our hat off.

23:45 – We start the auction! First the boys and then the girls. Come prepared because there are some surprises. At some point during the sales, we’ll draw lots for dinner and jewelry. Great!

1:45 – We say goodbye and plan the assault on the Pénjamo (a nearby bar) which will welcome us to continue drinking.

It will be at the Patos bar. Here exactly:

Y aquí podéis confirmar vuestra asistencia, invitar a vuestros amigos, hacer preguntas y enterarte de quiénes son las subastados. Iremos subiendo videos poco a poco: