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Jean-Marin Rolland


One, two…tree!

It opened my eyes and open up my dreams !

My experience with One, Two… Tree started in march 2018. I am a student in Finance and at that time I had this strong desire to break up with my habits, opinions and convictions. Then I decided to fulfill a project I had since so much time in my mind: Sharing my knowledges with children’s from other countries, sharing with childrens who didn’t had the chance I had to learn what I learnt in France.

Here I was, determined to share as much as possible in exchange for discoveries. Today, all I can say is how much One, Two… Tree! Nicaragua gave me so much more.

For 3 months I spent my time teaching English to students from 8 to 13 years old. Well, officially I “taught” English. From my point of view, it is students who taught me everything. They taught me to come out of my comfort zone and made me see life from fully differents perspectives. I sang, danced, screamed, laughted with them, we created together all kinds of crazy games and I get from that a huge self determination to enjoy every single moment of life. Far from the confort I had in France, I learnt how to smile without any artifices !

Nicaragua One, Two..Tree! is for me the organisation who made this fantastic experience possible. One, Two… Tree is not just an NGO, above all, it is a family. A family which going from Guatemala to Nicaragua including Spain, where the direction is also watch over there volunteers. It is family always eager to welcome new members, a family where cohesion and well being is a priority and more than everything, a family who will never give up any volunteers. I saw this solidarity from my eyes, and I can only recommend to any one who is wondering about trying the adventure to take a deep breath and fulfill its dream.