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Internet is here!

Nicaragua has many cybers that offer internet. But paying for internet is a luxury few can afford, so One, Two… Tree! has created the first free public internet access site in Diriamba.

The idea is to organize workshops to bring the Internet to those who have less. Job search pages, manuals, videos, online courses, we want to show this world to them too. We need computers and better materials, but the first step is done. The next will be to get these materials and add these means to the list of APAN workshops in Diriamba. And let them all come!

After a year trying to get access to the internet, a month ago we were able to install the connection at APAN, the organization we collaborate with in Diriamba. So far, our volunteers have visited the more than 40 cybersites in Diriamba and shared coffee and work in the few restaurants that have internet access in the area.

Now APAN has become a meeting place for volunteers and kids to have free access to the internet and share their daily experiences and needs, plan excursions around Nicaragua or just have a good time having a coffee and bread, Nicaraguan style.