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Good morning Diriamba

I love the sound of the roosters crowing

I love the sound of the ‘clip-clop, clip-clop’ sound of the horse’s hooves as trot along the street

I love the ‘clink-clink-clink’ of milkman’s ladle against the stainless steel milk container…

Announcing the arrival of fresh morning milk

On his horse-drawn cart, the milkman delivers – door-to-door

I love the quiet of the early morning

I like brushing my teeth under the moonlight and stars

I love the sound of the wind blowing through the trees

I love my morning walks with Nardo along the dirt roads and paths

I love the sunrise over the fields and plantations of the northern country of Diriamba

I love watching the children scurry to school or the campesinos with their machetes walking to their haciendas

Diriamba Awakens!

Gary Carson