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Ella Svahn


One, two…tree!

Teaching English in Nicaragua

I stayed for 2 months in the town of Diriamba in Nicaragua teaching English and helping out as volunteer coordinator in the organisation One Two Tree.

The organisation allow for all volunteers to stay with a local host family, which was a big plus for me. I loved my host family, and it really integrated me much faster into he language and the culture. My host family made me feel incredibly welcome, including me in family traditions, celebrations and daytrips. I had an overall great experience with the very warm local people of Diriamba.

The English teaching was given both to children, adolescence and adults, of which I mainly taught the adult class. I had some amazing students that gave me a lot of joy, some of which I am still in contact with today. The volunteers were a fantastic group of open minded people where I made some good friends. The people running the organisation, for example Pedro (founder) and Gary (local director) are some of the most warm hearted people, and are incredibly passionate about this cause. The teaching was definitely not problem free is such a politically unstable country as Nicaragua, but this organisation does all in its power to overcome that.