Clarence (Chuck) Buhr


Volunteer at Onetwo-tree in January-February of 2015

Volunteer Impressions of Onetwo-tree.

The organization was still in a start up phase working with another established Spanish organization which had some internal strife between the staff and the European volunteers.

This organization also blocked some of the elementary English classes taught by Onetwo-tree volunteers.  Consequently Gary used the volunteers time to develop standardized classes suitable for Nicaragua for 3 grades, allowing new teachers to progress in an orderly fashion.  The group co-ordinated very well and hung out during off time for Nicaraguan adventures.

My interest was in teaching adults English to qualify for jobs in the hospitality industry.  We taught them enough English to qualify for further training for the Hilton Hotel. The classes were small but a number of our students did qualify for employment.  There was hands on training simulating work conditions which was good. One of the volunteers was a Spanish Chef, very demanding, scaring some of the students, but preparing them for what Chefs are like in real life.