Alejandro Ruiz Jiménez


One, two…tree!

The family that grows dreaming, ends up going far

The experience in One, Two, Tree was for me a different way of traveling to the other side of the world. I am a person who loves working with children and being able to collaborate with the people of Guatemala was very satisfying for me. Seguir Leyendo

Jean-Marin Rolland


One, two…tree!

It opened my eyes and open up my dreams !

My experience with One, Two… Tree started in march 2018. I am a student in Finance and at that time I had this strong desire to break up with my habits, opinions and convictions. Then I decided to fulfill a project I had since so much time in my mind: Sharing my knowledges with children’s from other countries, sharing with childrens who didn’t had the chance I had to learn what I learnt in France.
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Carrie Regenstreif

One, two…tree!

A great experience!


It was great for me that you can volunteer for a short time, because I wasn’t able to spend longer than one month, but I would suggest that people try to stay for at least a few monthsSeguir Leyendo

Ella Svahn


One, two…tree!

Teaching English in Nicaragua

I stayed for 2 months in the town of Diriamba in Nicaragua teaching English and helping out as volunteer coordinator in the organisation One Two Tree. Seguir Leyendo

Kimberly Zito


One, two…tree!

Helping to close the opportunity gap

I can heartily recommend One, Two… Tree! as a well-structured and well-intentioned organization.  Some background: They place volunteers in the public school classrooms – alongside the local, licensed teachers – to provide instruction in English as a foreign language.

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Kassandra Cox


One, two…tree!

A Fantastic Experience

Working with One, two…tree! was one of the best months of my life thus far. I grew and stretched in ways that I would have never through possible, and I made friends that I still keep in touch with today.

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Clarence (Chuck) Buhr


Volunteer at Onetwo-tree in January-February of 2015

Volunteer Impressions of Onetwo-tree.

The organization was still in a start up phase working with another established Spanish organization which had some internal strife between the staff and the European volunteers.Seguir Leyendo