How Our Partnership With Cojolyá Empowers Our Community

Who Is Cojolyá and What Is Their Impact? 


Cojolyá is a nonprofit organization in Santiago Atitlán that began during the Civil War in 1983. They have developed into an association of artisans who create Fair Trade products for sale locally and internationally. They have a holistic approach, which includes providing educational programs for the children of the community, as well as personal and professional development for the artisans. 


Cojolyá is currently supporting 10 children and adolescents through their programs by providing them with school supplies and scholarships. Lately, the children have had a tutor because of the restrictions in public schools due to the pandemic, so their assistance also covers the tutors’ fees.


Not only is Cojolyá having a direct impact on the lives of the artisans, their families and the general community of Santiago, but they are contributing to the world of Fair Trade as well.

nglish Teacher Volunteers in Santiago

English Teacher Volunteers in Santiago


How Does Our Partnership Work?  


One, Two…Tree! has partnered with Cojolyá to ensure that both organizations are able to have double the impact in Santiago. 


Starting last year, we teamed up with them to provide their students with English lessons. Through our first program with them, we could see the positive impact that in person classes were having on the students. Our English teacher volunteers have been going to Cojolyá to teach English classes as part of their curriculum, and now, with our very own Learning Center, the students will be able to join our lessons as well for more opportunities to practice and learn English. 


Similarly, Don Antonio, Cojolyá’s artisan founder, and Carina, their administrator both attend our adult class at the center as well. 


Learning English in Guatemala

Learning English in Guatemala


This year, we are collaborating on various activities with the students of Cojolyá every month, which provides them with different ways to practice and learn English that are outside the traditional methods of education. For example, every month we host a cultural celebration in English where we choose a different theme each time so that the students can learn new vocabulary in a fun and unique way. 


One of our volunteers, Kelly from Greece, was also a part-time volunteer with Cojolyá when she was here earlier this year. Some of our other volunteers have collaborated with Cojolyá’s partner artisans by taking their weaving classes and buying their products, since Cojolyá is a weaving association part of the World Fair Trade Organization. Doña María, one of the partner artisans, really enjoyed the visit from our volunteers, so she dressed them all in traditional clothes! 


English Teachers in Guatemala

English Teachers in Guatemala


What Is Your Role As An English Teacher Volunteer? 


Apart from physically teaching the children in the classroom and participating in activities, we love when our volunteers get creative and help us find new ways to present English materials to our students. 


For example, this year, our volunteers Elinor from Belgium, Alizée from France, Kelly from Greece, Carmela from Spain, and Gersom from Guatemala, have all been helping us plan the cultural activities and curriculum for the students. They ensure that each student receives equal amounts of attention and opportunities to practice their English through fun activities. Carmela, one of our volunteers, is also a part-time volunteer with Cojolyá as a math tutor for their students.


We are proud to be partnering with Cojolyá to provide their students with the opportunity to learn English to increase the overall impact of education and development in Santiago Atitlán. 


Teach English in Guatemala

Teach English in Guatemala


Volunteer With Us This Year! 


We are seeking more English teacher volunteers to come to Santiago, Guatemala to help us expand our programs, reach, and impact on the community. 


If you would like to learn more about volunteering with us and Cojolyá, please send us an email to:  


Nonprofit partnership in Guatemala

Nonprofit partnership in Guatemala



Our Partnership with Puerta Abierta to Increase Our Impact in Santiago


Who is Puerta Abierta? 

Puerta Abierta is another non-profit in Santiago Atitlán focused on education and development of the community.


They have opened the first creative school in the area that focuses on education through innovative programming for students at the kindergarten level through to grade six. They also have a community library that is open to other schools and programs to use as a resource to support their curriculums. 

School in Santiago, Guatemala

School in Santiago, Guatemala

What Does Our Partnership Look Like?

At the beginning of this year, we began our partnership with Puerta Abierta in order to bring more programming, resources, and development to Santiago. 


We are providing English lessons to all students at Puerta Abierta, and providing bilingual materials to support their learning as well. Our English teacher volunteers are sharing their time with Puerta Abierta to ensure that these English classes are being delivered to their students on a regular basis. 


In exchange, Puerta Abierta has provided us with books and materials to help our teachers with lesson planning and developing activities for our Learning Center so that they are well prepared and equipped, especially since some of our volunteers do not have an education background. 


Amanda, the founder of Puerta Abierta, has also prepared a workshop as a resource for our teachers to learn techniques when working with younger students. We are so thankful for the opportunity to learn from their work in alternative education in Santiago. 

English Teacher Volunteer in Guatemala

English Teacher Volunteer in Guatemala

Our Impact

This partnership means that both organizations can have a stronger impact. Amanda Flyer, the founder of Puerta Abierta talks about our impact and work together:  


«At the beginning of 2022, we were overjoyed to learn that One Two…Tree! would be partnering with the Puerta Abierta Learning Center to offer English classes to our students. 


Our collaboration with One Two…Tree! goes much further than teaching English. My favorite moments of observation have been the mutual exchanges of inquiry and curiosity passed between volunteers, teachers, and students regarding culture, lifestyles, and countries of origin.  We have been fortunate to receive volunteers from Greece, Spain, Belgium, France, and different areas of Guatemala in just a short span of time.


One Two…Tree! volunteers have also been collaborating with ongoing cultural exchanges that the Puerta Abierta has established with schools in the United States. I have found great joy in working with Carmela on our preschool exchange with a school based in Boston, MA.  I’m grateful for Carmela’s extra set of hands and creative outlook which have enhanced our interaction with young children in Guatemala and the USA.» 

Puerta Abierta Partnership

Puerta Abierta Partnership

Joining Forces 

Our partnership is beneficial for both nonprofits to do their work efficiently and effectively. Juanita Chiviliú, the Director of Puerta Abierta explains what this partnership means for her work. 


«As the director of an unconventional school in rural Guatemala, finding creative, dynamic, and empathetic English teachers proves to be a great challenge. So having the link this year with One Two…Tree! has been a great opportunity for our center to continue to provide an education full of love, joy, and celebration of cultures with our students.


Personally, I love to see the friendship that is cultivated between the volunteers and the students and teachers during the English classes. Teachers and children always want more, which means that they enjoy it and want to learn, so both institutions are achieving our goals.”

English Teacher Volunteer in Santiago

Your Role As A Volunteer

Mary Chiviliu Ajtujal, a sixth-grade teacher with Puerta Abierta talks about the role of One Two Tree…! volunteers within this partnership. 


«It has been nice to have the teachers of One Two Tree…! in the class during these months. For the students, it has been very positive to see different people and learn about other cultures while learning another language. It has helped them a lot since sometimes it is difficult to meet and talk with new people. 


The teachers have made it possible to resume learning the English language. It has been difficult lately with the hybrid education modality (online and in person, due to the pandemic) to maintain continuous learning of this language, but the teachers have been very open to accommodate the changes that this modality represents. All the teachers are very grateful for the openness, passion, and creativity that they bring to our center in this way and in other ways.»


We are so grateful for and excited about this partnership with Puerta Abierta and all of the possibilities it brings to the students and the community of Santiago Atitlán. 


If you would like to learn more about volunteering with us and Puerta Abierta, please send us an email to: