Palabras para Pol

Los voluntarios de One Two Tree hemos querido dejar un pequeño recuerdo del paso de Pol por Nicaragua. Aquí dejamos lo que cada uno ha escrito, también el vídeo que hizo Alejandro, ex-coordinador de One Two Tree y trabajador de AMS, sobre las experiencias de Pol con los voluntarios.Seguir Leyendo

Espera, aguanta… Ahora viene lo mejor

Cuando Pedro, el fundador de One Two Tree, me dijo por teléfono que no me arrepentiría de ir a Nicaragua para enseñar inglés, sus palabras exactas fueron: “Vas a vivir en condiciones muy muy humildes, comerás cada día arroz con frijoles y te ducharás con agua fría. Pero no te vas a arrepentir”. Seguir Leyendo

I love teaching English!

I’ve been teaching English in Diriamba for almost 6 weeks.  I teach two fifth grades and two six grades in Rene Schick and I teach one fifth and one sixth grade in La Palmera.  Teaching here is a challenging and rewarding experience.  I learn new teaching techniques every day.Seguir Leyendo

A wonderful month in Diriamba!

Living and volunteering in Diriamba was an incredible and unique experience. I learnt so much in just one month from the places I went, things I did and, more than anything, the people I met. I’m amazed by the connections I made with people and the town in such a short amount of time, and already can’t wait until I can go back-Nicaragua definitely found a place in my heart!Seguir Leyendo

Laura, a first hand experience!!

Hi, I am Laura and I lived in Diriamba for 2 months, which was definitely not enough time to do and experience everything that I had intended.   Between preparing and teaching classes, spending time with my host family, and traveling during the weekends, I never had a dull moment. Seguir Leyendo

Nos vidrios Diriamba!

I can’t believe I’ve already been back in the States for a week.  It almost feels weird to say that I’m  home when for the last seven months I have called Diriamba, Nicaragua home, and not just called it that but truly felt it as well.Seguir Leyendo

Colorful bliss

I started my volunteering journey approximately 20 days ago. It’s the first time in my life that I am actually fully immersed in volunteering work, but I love it so much that it feels like I’ve been doing it forever. Seguir Leyendo