Alejandro Ruiz Jiménez


One, two…tree!

The family that grows dreaming, ends up going far

The experience in One, Two, Tree was for me a different way of traveling to the other side of the world. I am a person who loves working with children and being able to collaborate with the people of Guatemala was very satisfying for me. Seguir Leyendo

Jean-Marin Rolland


One, two…tree!

It opened my eyes and open up my dreams !

My experience with One, Two… Tree started in march 2018. I am a student in Finance and at that time I had this strong desire to break up with my habits, opinions and convictions. Then I decided to fulfill a project I had since so much time in my mind: Sharing my knowledges with children’s from other countries, sharing with childrens who didn’t had the chance I had to learn what I learnt in France.
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Carrie Regenstreif

One, two…tree!

A great experience!


It was great for me that you can volunteer for a short time, because I wasn’t able to spend longer than one month, but I would suggest that people try to stay for at least a few monthsSeguir Leyendo

Ella Svahn


One, two…tree!

Teaching English in Nicaragua

I stayed for 2 months in the town of Diriamba in Nicaragua teaching English and helping out as volunteer coordinator in the organisation One Two Tree. Seguir Leyendo